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Guest Blogger: Carolyn Hector

Hey everyone! Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Carolyn Hector, coming to you from North Florida (South Georgia if you take the wrong turn). I’m one of the new authors at Rose Gold Press with my recent release, Cocoa Dreams. 

These fabulous ladies brought me into their world and brought me out of a depression I hadn’t exactly realized I was in, and I will be forever in their debt or shall we say garden.

So speaking of gardens, there used to be a saying, “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” By flowers, I always thought they meant new ideas. I swear I’ve been a writer since birth—we’re talking scripts for my Barbie dolls. A rainy day meant I had the chance to really get some good writing in… funny because I’m still that way. Some people want to take a nap and I want to reach for the pen and paper (or laptop these days). Of course now that I’m older, these May flowers are more like May allergies. 

How many different pollens can there be? Seriously! 

Anyway, as I said, I often get ideas for the spring. Maybe it’s because of the warmer weather and less clothes folks are wearing. Men taking off their shirts to toss the ball around on the field. Their muscles popping and glistening in the…. Oh wait! Where was I? Oh yes, my new ideas. Spring means new beginnings. We’re starting our diets for a summer beach adventure, planting our seeds for a fall harvest, and we’re making that list of things to do over the summer. 

Even though I am an adult now (I still question that) I still incorporate my love of Barbie with books. I mentioned my depression already. A couple of years ago now, hmmm, just pre-pandemic, I received a double rejection from the publishing company who closed my beloved line…the same company I published ten books with over five years.

In feeling sorry for myself, I went back to the days of writing scripts for my dolls and had a blast posing them in bizarre holiday themes or making comic strips out of them. Now that I am an “adult” I can afford to buy all the dolls I want (na-na-na-na boo-boo, Mother). I’m obsessed with how diverse the dolls are now compared to the one or two growing up. I started posing my fully articulated dolls into some of my favorite book covers as homage. It has turned into a fun project to scroll through Instagram and see who has an interesting book cover out soon. I like to find a way to give a special “happy release day” to my author friends and authors I admire (check out my Black History Month 2021). Have I done my own barbie book? Best believe I did!    

I was once asked to describe my perfect man, so I had to go back to what a guy friend once told me… he wanted a woman who was hot, rich, and owned a liquor store. In turn, I thought hmmm, what about a man that was hot, filthy rich, and owned his own chocolate company. So ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you, Romaric Charmant.

He’s aloof, wounded, suspicious of everyone, and he is career driven. Just my type!  Did I mention he lives on his own private island? Then there’s Poppy James. I usually write a bit of myself in every heroine. I cringe a bit to say there’s a bit of me in Poppy. She loves the outdoors, hiking, geocaching, and makes a living on a reality show—with her parents. I do not, but if I had to camp it would be “glamping”. These two are complete opposites and unless forced to work together, they’d probably never cross paths—unless you count an upscale waiting lounge at an airport. 

Here’s an excerpt of what I like to call When Romaric Met Poppy, Again

Where had he seen her before? Something was scribbled on the palm of her hand facing him. Romaric cocked his head to the side. Someone had an odd sense of humor.

If Lost, Please Return to Romaric’s Island.

                  “What the hell?” The woman shifted in his boat and turned to face him. Romaric directed his gaze to the sky above him. He held his shirt out like a curtain, shielding her view. “Who are you? What do you think you’re doing?” She shrieked at him with a familiar voice. 

                  “You’re on private property,” Romaric reminded her. 

                  “I am where? Good lord. Where are my clothes?” 

                  Romaric gently kicked the pink garment by his feet closer to her and laughed to himself when she gasped. 

                  “I’m glad you find this funny,” she snapped at him. “The least you can do is be a gentleman and get me something to put on.”

                  “First of all, I was trying to cover you with my shirt.” He shook the material in his hands. “You woke up though. Care to start with who you are and why you’re here?” 

                  The woman snatched the shirt from his hands without so much as a thank you. “My name is Poppy. Poppy James, and I think there’s been a mistake.”

“Great,” Romaric groaned. This was not how he wanted to start the day.

If you love tropes like Opposites Attract, Forced to Work Together, and Family Dramas… this book is for you! 

Well, the rain is about to come in and I’ve got to start planting some seeds for new book ideas. Please stick around. I’d love to hear from you! 

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About Carolyn Hector

Carolyn Hector

Carolyn Hector was on the path to becoming a writer at a young age when she wrote scripts for her Barbie dolls and passed them out to her friends to study for future play dates. She wrote her own version of Streets of Fire after she couldn’t get enough of the characters and did so by changing things around to match her middle school world. Spoiler alert, “Tommy and Helen” end up together in her version. It wasn’t until she watched Romancing the Stone that she finally knew what she wanted to be when she grew up–a Romance Writer! 

She is best known for her Once Upon a Tiara series set around life after pageants for beauty queens. Carolyn also enjoys writing romantic suspense and contemporary Christmas themed books.