Her Undeniable Distraction

Women of Park Manor

Burgundy Anderson has always loved helping people. So naturally, there’s nothing this Leasing Manager wouldn’t do for the Santa Monica residents of Park Manor. Problem is, this workaholic needs a life outside of the lavish establishment and if she’s going to leave her mark in the world, she’ll need to figure out her next step with no distractions. Insert Kane Brooks, otherwise known as, the delicious distraction determined to make his presence known.

Landscape Artist Kane Brooks is a glass half full type of man. Things happen for a reason and when he runs across the sassy woman with a cause, he knows the stars have aligned, leading his thoughts straight to the bedroom. Their kisses are as sexy as she is, but he can’t seem to get her to sit still long enough for a repeat performance. When fate gives him a second chance, he snatches at the opportunity. She may think she can run, but he’s always considered himself a track star.

Publisher: Rose Gold Press, LLC