Build Your Perfect Hero!

By Kelsey Green

Now there’s a concept to consider. Who doesn’t love a good hero, right? Books give us a way to escape and meet a variety of men. From our book boyfriends to our ideal future husbands, we pull the ingredients from books to concoct our own perfect man. These are the men and notions which make up author’s stories. It’s part of what drew me to writing in the first place. Build your perfect hero. That was the start for me.

There are so many different categories of heroes and everyone has their favs. 

So, what’s yours?

The adventurous type. 

He’s the dare devil. A self-made millionaire who finds his solace flying through the trees. Mountain biking down the terrain. Repelling off a cliff.

Proof that money and glamour are not one in the same. For success can’t buy you happiness but sometimes happiness can help build your success.

The southern gentlemen type. 

He’s a little bit country. A whole lot of man. A city boy with country roots to ground him. He might see life best from behind the camera, but they’ll be no denying his presence regardless of his position. A fact that might be important to remember, if indeed the next man is a part of your choices.

If adventure and country are not your speed – or a little too safe for your liking – then maybe your perfect man is a mystery even to you.

The dangerous type. 

Your savior or your undoing? Only time will tell. A man who exudes both temptation and danger with every stolen glance is a hard man to read, but rest assured he makes a better friend than foe.

Then there’s The thoughtful type. 

The protector of your heart. Kind. Loyal. The man who might sneak up on you, creeping into your soul. For even if danger isn’t one of his traits, he might prove quite the hero when unspeakable threats come lurking.

The pranking type. 

A man who never lost his inner child and finds the joy – and humor – in everyday life. A man with a lot to live up to. A man who might laugh when others would cry. Who would definitely bait you when others would backdown. One whom pushes the limits instead of staying complacent. He’ll drive you crazy in more ways than one, but if you’re not tempted at all by a man who carves out his own path in life, against the terrain it was originally headed, then you may not be drawn to the next option either.

But next remains my current fav, The artist. In my contribution in Hate to Love You, you’ll meet artist Peyton Stone, a man after my own heart.

A man who will tell you his whole life story through his work. I’d call him an open book, but just like a book, his dictations and layers must be read. He’s the author of his own story using a brush, or paint can, or clay, to transcribe his experiences. Pay attention to the details with this one, because true art is open to interpretation. 

However, no matter how much I love my heroes, I love me a good heroine.  Sometimes, it’s the heroines who dictated what type of hero was built. Sometimes the hero came first. And sometimes they were built together. I guess in the end, though, it’s all about building an intriguing story and memorable character’s which might not always seem conventional, but in the end, are the perfect pair.

My Hero Profile:

*The adventurous type — Ace Kathan from The Renegade Bid
*The southern gentlemen versus the dangerous type — Hunter vs. Black *Eyes from The Desert Never Tells
*The thoughtful type — Dallas from The Undead
*The pranking type — Trent Hansworth from Mutually Exclusive
*The artist — Peyton Stone from The Art of Love ~ Hate to Love You ~

Heroine profiles to come because every girl deserves her own astounding introduction.

About Kelsey Green

Kelsey Green is a travel and video enthusiast with a BS in Civil Engineering. However, when she’s not wearing her engineer hat, she can be found expressing herself through visual artistry. From event previews and book trailers, to studio staging and styling, Kelsey sees beneath the surface to capture raw beauty and translate her vision through words and filmic innovation. She’s also a published author and poet, who enjoys depicting life’s adventures through romantic storylines and suspenseful plots. Whether her outlet be writing, video editing or constructing, Kelsey finds it therapeutic to show her ideas and thoughts in an expressive and imaginative manner.