My Guilty Pleasure

By Pamela Yaye

I stumbled upon Lifetime’s reality TV series, Married at First Sight, last summer and I was instantly hooked. Married at First Sight is a social experiment that features a diverse group of singles who agree to marry a person chosen for them by a team of relationship experts. They meet their match on their wedding day, and it’s must-see TV. I watch sports in my free time, not reality TV, but Married at First Sight, has all of the ingredients of a hit show—suspense, drama, and lots of romance. Watching season one, I marvelled at how brave the participants were. I would never go on a blind date, let alone marry a perfect stranger, and I sat on the edge of my seat, wondering how the episode would play out. Would the participants show up at the wedding venue? Would they get cold feet? Bolt from the altar? I know I would! I kid you not, I held my breath during every ceremony and had enough butterflies in my stomach for the brides and grooms. 

Inspired by one of my favorite couples from Season 9, (Deonna and Greg), I began writing the proposal for, Charmed by You, and focused on creating likeable characters who were strong, authentic and believable. Like the participants on, Married at First Sight, Darius Matthews and Sloane Wesley have been burned by love, but they’re intrigued by each other and the moment they kiss sparks fly. One of my favorite scenes to write in, Charmed by You, is the volleyball game in Chapter 3. I love how Sloane comes to Darius’ “rescue” when he gets hurt, and steps up to take care of him. Typical Sloane. She’s driven to help others, and eager to please, but Darius teaches Sloane to make herself a priority, to listen to her heart. It’s an important lesson for women to learn. We can’t take care of anyone else unless we take care of ourselves first—yup, words of wisdom from Darius Matthews! If you want to be entertained tonight watch, Married at First Sight, and read, Charmed by You. Happy Reading Friends!

Pamela Yaye

Pamela Yaye has a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education, and has been writing short stories since elementary school. Her love of African-American fiction inspired her to pursue a career in writing romance, and her first novel, Other People’s Business, was published in 2007. An award-winning author, whose stories resonate deeply with readers, Pamela has published more than thirty novels (and counting!).